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That Lethal Cloud_Kirsty Harris_DSCF4928 copy.jpg
An image of a large oil painting of a nuclear test called Buster Jangle easy, detonated in the Nevada Dessert by the U.S. military. [ainting measures 60 by 50 inches in real life.
A painting of China's first hydrogen bomb test titled Test Number 6. detonated in the Lop Nur desert.
An art work made by painting bleach onto grey paper. It depicts a house that seems to be on fire. The house was tested on by the Chinese goverment to see how it would fare after being blasted by an atomic bomb. The marks are light, vibrant and expressive. Painted by artist Kirsty Harris. Click links to more images from the solo Exhibition at Manchester's CFCCA institution.
A photographic image of a police horse against the wire [erimeter fence at Greenham Common. on the fence is a CND sign that has been woven in by the Greenham women who camped there for many years. In the background is a blurry policeman with folded arms.
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