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Absent Authors - Exhibition Dossier
APT Gallery July 8th - August 1st 2021

Exhibition essay by Sacha Craddock
6 pages of images from each of the 8 artists
1 Full colour postcard from each artist
Limited edition

Available to purchase

invisible monsters the shield page.jpg

Plaster Cocktail Vol.2 - Invisible Monsters
Published by Borrowed Birds Records, New York

55 pages full color gloss
8.5 x 11"

Edited by Polina Riabova, Stephanie Maida and Jazz Coker
Designed by Jazz Coker

I have 3 images featured in the magazine alongside 32 other artists', visual art, writing, poetry & performance art.

Available to purchase here.

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 16.19.54.png

Completely er, unfolding itself
Published by Come Quick Disaster Press, London

A 32 page publication in which I have transcribed the first official live broadcast of an atomic explosion.
The reporters struggle and grasp for the language by which to describe what is before them.
Edition of 100.

Published to sit alongside my exhibition - A Foul and Awesome Display at Vane Gallery, September 2019.

£5 plus p+p from my shop.




Published by 4Cose

Richards and Cullinan at 4Cose hosted our performance evening

after the final presentations of our LCN Projects at Space Studios.

They proposed creating a publication which came together in just a week

and was really brilliant!

Each artist created a double page spread based on the loose theme of a script and then some of us read them out or performed the 'script'

There are none available to the public but you can read my copy if you pop by the studio.


Published by Broken Grey Wires

My piece The Apple is featured in Broken Grey Wires' first Art book titled Psycho.

It is a 60 page, full colour publication responding to the theme in many different ways.

Head over to the website to purchase one here.

terra firma magazine, art magazine, photography magazine, culture, kirsty harris, art, artist, london, issue 3, energy, waiting, collection of art, design

Terra Firma Magazine Issue 3


Very pleased to have my work featured in the third

issue of Terra Firma which is exploring Energy.


It is available from various stockists such as Tate Modern, ICA, Serpentine Gallery, Claire de Rouen and the Photographer's Gallery or you can order a copy here.



Kirsty Harris, mushroom cloud, atomic explosion, bikini atoll, trinity, tranzine, magazine, zine, transition gallery, now we are all sons of bitches, art, artist, publication, london, east london, cold war, atomic, nuclear tests, trinity, new mexico, baker, cyanotype, oil painting,
Kirsty Harris, eda collective, art, artist, illustration, twerking to turking, everyday analysis volume 2, manchester, london, book, publication, writing, essay, article
Tranzine 005 - Now We Are All Sons of Bitches
Published by Transition Gallery
ISBN - 978-0-9568814-1
Now we are all Sons of Bitches refers to a remark made by Kenneth Bainbridge (Director of the Trinity nuclear project) to Oppenheimer after the success of the first atom bomb test in 1945.
The zine features images of Harris's cyanotypes, paintings and films of atomic bomb explosions and is numbered in a small, limited edition of 50.
Available £3 + postage here.

EDA Collective

Twerking to Turking

Everyday Analysis


Analysing the signs of everyday life.


I have a drawing, created as an illustration to the article -

An Archive of Your Ex in the book available to order  here.


See the article here.


Published by Zero Books.

In this follow-up to the first volume of Everyday Analysis articles, Why are Animals Funny?, the EDA Collective tracks through an ABC of modern phenomena ordered by analytic theme, widely ranging from Advertising to Language, Sport to Education, Film and TV to Work and Play, and Politics to Comic Universes.


Punctuating these phenomenal pieces are illustrations from a range of artists and cartoonists, including Martin Rowson of the London Guardian.

INDA 9, Kirsty Harris, art, artist, drawing, drawing annual, silverpoint drawing, london, manifest, international drawing annual, book of drawings
INDA 9 Publication

My silverpoint drawings are featured in the International Drawing Annual 9 published by Manifest press.



The book is of beautiful quality, you can purchase it here.

Kirsty Harris, art, artist, london, the state of art, barehill publishing, volume 1, representational and abstract, painting, drawing, book, publication

The State of Art

Representational and Abstract

Volume 1


By Barehill Publishing


The State of Art books provide a snapshot that represents current contemporary art practice.


Click on the image to preview and order the book.



ALAS residency, publicaiton, matt roberts arts, Kirsty Harris artist, kirsty harris art, book, matt roberts, alas, art, artist
La Petite Muerte, Drawers gallery, art, artist, kirtsy harris, haggerston, neil retnam, london, exhibition, day of the dead
Kirsty Harris, The devils laughter, book, artist book, art, artist, london, sculpture, wound, blood, death, mortality

This is not the gallery


Click on the image to preview and order the book.

A comprehensive archive of our time on the ALAS residency, at Matt Roberts Arts gallery, summer 2012.

Includes images, text/interviews with the artists & forewords by

Matt Roberts and Paul Stanley.

Karolina Magnusson-Murray's short film of the residency here and below.​


Alas summer residents 2012

Catrine Bodum                       Laurie Nouchka

David Chalkley     ​                  Araba Ocran                

Hannah Futers                       Jane Oldfield        

Caro Halford                           Charley Peters  ​  

Kirsty Harris                            Paul Stanley

Karolina Magnusson-Murray   Susanna Thornton

Susie Mendelsson                  Ventiko

Hana Melly                            Jemma Watts

Julia Miranda                         Sarah West













La Petite Muerte exhibition publication

60 pages of images and text​

Foreword by Paul Stanley

Interview with Karolina Magnusson-Murray

Available here or click on the image.

Artists - Peter Ainsworth, Dave Anderson, Henrietta Armstrong, Keith Ball, Fiona Banner, Ruth Bartlett, Adam Beale, Tom Butler, David Chalkley, Kevin Clarke, A. Corcoran, David R Fenwick, Caro Halford, Kirsty Harris, Sarah Jacobs, Ben Jamie, Joshua Knowles, Abigail Lingford, Karolina Magnusson-Murray, Ros Maprayil, Hugh Mendes, Moorland Productions, Julia Miranda, Tracy Neal, Jane Oldfield, Luca Ortis, Charley Peters, David Porter, Mark Scott-Wood, Patricia Shrigley, Paul Stanley, Susanna Thornton, Jemma Watts, Sarah West, Lucy Woodhouse, Ventiko & Vile Films.

Publication design & exhibition curated by Kirsty Harris.


The Devil's Laughter

Edition of 1

Oil paint and varnish on literature



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