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Eyes Down, Single channel projection on continuous loop, 2020

Waiting, Single channel projection, Continuous loop, 2016.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying (1945-2023)

This composition is a musical account of every officially recorded nuclear explosion detonated between 1945 and 2020.

Each different instrument represents a country that partook.

Each month in history lasts a second on the record.

Each note played depicts a single bomb.



Dan Cundy - USA - Double Bass

Lucy Woodhouse - Soviet Union - Piano

Marion Andrau - France - Drums

Terry Edwards - UK - Tenor saxophone

Graham Brittain - China - Acoustic guitar

Tom Savage - Pakistan - Harmonica

Anne-Marie Watson - India - Shaker

Sarita Jepps - North Korea - Triangle









Red, Grey, Black and All clear (2013) is a collation of different warning sirens that would have been used to inform the public that a nuclear attack was imminent in the 1960s.

Red - Attack imminent.

Grey - Fallout expected in an hour's time.

Black - Danger of fallout is imminent.

All clear - No further danger of an attack or fallout.

NB Grey was eliminated after 1968. Maroon flares or a gong may also have been used to indicate the black warning.




Sky Monster

Original score by Hallam Fulcher



For Sky Monster, Harris trawled through outtakes of the US government’s archive footage of two Nuclear tests from 1946 -Able and Baker.
Sweeping empty skies dissipate into a frenetic attempt to document the moment of this cataclysmic enquiry.

The Victim, Single channel projection, Continuous loop, 2016
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