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Vane Gallery

Short Order Project Space


APT Gallery

ASC Gallery

404 Space

Huddersfield Art Gallery

Terrace Gallery

Safe House 2

Hulabhaig Gallery

Barbican Arts Trust Atrium Space

The Auxiliary Project Space

Collier Bristow Gallery

Bankley Gallery

Ruskin Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery

Guest Projects

The Concept Space

Saturation Point

Abject Gallery

Barge House

Matt Roberts Arts

Bankley Gallery

Angus Hughes Gallery

Candid Arts Centre

WW Gallery

Lubomirov/Angus Hughes

Sluice Art Fair

The Tetley

Transition Gallery

Schwartz Galery

Zeitgeist Art Projects

Drawers Gallery

Brixton East

Untitled BCN Gallery

Gallery la Vieille Post

Stone Space Gallery

5 Years Gallery

Meanwhile space

ZAP Gallery

Vulpes Vulpes

Camden Collective Project Space


William Morris Gallery



​Artists I’ve worked with

Henrietta Armstrong

Kev Clarke

Paul Stanley

Lizz Brady

Paul Jex

Jemma Watts

Behind the X

Daniel James WIlkinson

Sarah West

Lucy Woodhouse

Julia Miranda



Laurie Nouchka

Stuart Robinson

Vile Films

Tom Banks

John Brenan

Sarah Jacobs

Ben Jamie

Fiona Banner

Julia Warr

X Marks the Bokship - El Brown

Keef Winter

Joshua Knowles

Abigail Lingford

Karolina Magnusson-Murray

Hugh Mendes

Rebecca Davies

Vicenc Viaplana Ventura

Adam Beale

Florin Ungureanu

Tom Savage

Jane Oldfield

Mars Gomes

Corinna Spencer

Adam Kelly

Richard Stone

Kimi Gill

Moorland Productions

David Porter

Mark Scott-Wood

Patricia Shrigley

Susanna Thornton

Carne Griffiths

David R. Fenwick

David Dipre

James Ormiston

Araba Ocran

Paul Cummings

Luca Ortis

Charley Peters

Peter Ainsworth

Dave Anderson

Keith Ball

Noa Edwards

Zoe Schoenherr

Tom Butler

David Chalkley

Caro Halford

Ben Street

Tracy Neal

Karl England

Zoe Fudge

Fiona Sibilski

Carne Griffiths

Sina Sparrow

Edmund Farmer

John Lee Bird

Fiona Grady

Lyndsay Officer

Sam Steel

Michelle Bollschweiller

Michael Hlousek-Nagle

Michael Lemmetti

Paula Smolarska



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