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A Foul and Awesome Display

Vane Gallery

31st August - 28th September 2019

Trinity, Oil on un-stretched linen with steel pole, 55x37x4cm, 2017
Ranger Able, Oil on un-stretched linen, 63x80", 2019

Cold Call - How I Learned to Stop Worrying (1945-2019), GPO Telephone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, components and audio composition, 2019

Electronics and coding: Abbie Howell and James Allen.

Foreground: Charlie, Risograph print: Gold on black recycled stock, A3, Ed of 200, 2019

Background: Sanctuary II, OIl on unstretched linen, 305x217cm, 2018

TEAPOT HA, OIl on un-stretched linen, 64x51cm, 2019

Kilroy Was Here, Single channel projection on continuous loop, mini projector, plnth, 2018

Charlie, Oil on un-stretched linen, 112x69" 2017

Sanctuary II, Oil on un-stretched linen, 305x217cm, 2018

TEAPOT HA, Oil on un-stretched linen, 64x51cm, 2019

Prescribed, single channel projection, 2018

The Victim, Single Channel Projection, 2016