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Here is an oil painting for sale:

The Victim
Oil on linen
50 x 40cm

The painting depicts a decommissioned war plane turning, like a trapped animal, in the desolate landscape of the Lop Nur Desert in China, its parts are being picked off chaotically by the forces from the blast wave. The Chinese government were performing atomic blast tests, on the old plane, to gain insight into the amount of damage at differing distances from the detonation.
It’s quite ambiguous at first if the plane in the air or not but the "clouds" are actually sand and it’s wafting up a sandstorm.


My boyfriend’s father was an airline pilot and his whole family are pretty obsessed with planes so his brother Mark identified it as (most probably) a Yak-11. It was potentially given to China by the Soviet Union during a period of collaboration.

The Victim, Oil on linen, 40 x 50cm

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