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How I Learned to Stop Worrying (1945-2019)


This record is a musical account of every officially recorded nuclear explosion detonated between 1945 and 2019.

Each different instrument represents a country that partook.

Each month in history lasts a second on the record.

Each note played depicts a single bomb.


Images from my large scale oil paintings are used on each side.

Charlie and Ranger Able.



Side B: Audio Blank



Dan Cundy - USA - Double Bass

Lucy Woodhouse - Soviet Union - Piano

Marion Andrau - France - Drums

Terry Edwards - UK - Tenor saxophone

Graham Brittain - China - Acoustic guitar

Tom Savage - Pakistan - Harmonica

Anne-Marie Watson - India - Shaker

Sarita Jepps - North Korea - Triangle


SHIPPING: £7 to the UK

£10 Worldwide


How I Learned to Stop Worrying (1945-2019) 12" Vinyl Picture Disc


Store your record in a paper sleeve (provided) as records react to PVC if kept in a plastic sleeve long term.

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