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Here is a brand new painting offered for sale on the Artist Support Pledge platform.

Bleach on paper
30 x 40cm framed with UV resistant glass

Postage for this work is £11 to the UK.

Making marks with household bleach is exciting and unpredictable as the final image doesn’t reveal itself until minutes after the brush has left the paper. Rather than adding pigment to the page the substance seemingly extracts the colour through oxidation. Or rather - affects the molecules to reflect different lightwaves. My paintings of sandbags speak of protection and emergency, a barrier from harm.

(I’m not taking any more orders for glass paintings for a while as I catch up with my current lot)
I still also have some risograph prints, cyanotypes and ceramics for sale, if you are interested please get in touch.
Thank you all for being so supportive!

All the blurb below...

Matthew Burrows has instigated the #artistsupportpledge and the concept is simple. You post images of artwork for sale for £200 or less (not including postage) anyone can buy the work.
Every time I reach £1000 of sales I pledge to buy another artist’s work for £200.

Comrades, Bleach on paper, 30x40cm framed, 2020

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