Now We Are All Sons of Bitches - Launch

Transition Gallery's next Tranzine is my edition. Now We Are All Sons of Bitches - Tranzine005 launches at the London Art Book Fair on Transition Gallery's stand on 10th September 2015. The London Art Book Fair is open fom 10th - 13th September at The Whitechapel Gallery, London. "Tranzines are a series of perfectly formed zines made by contemporary artists. Each Tranzine examines one idea, theme or aspect of an artist's practice, almost like a mini manifesto, and is published in a strictly limited edition." They are available to order here for only £3. P+P available worldwide. Previous Tranzines have been created by Cathy Lomax, Katherine Tulloh, Emma Talbot and, Rachel Cattle & Steve Rich / All content © Kirsty Harris 2020

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