Art Athina 2014 - Lubomirov-Easton

Art Athina 2014 Lubomirov-Easton Gallery will be showing a drawing of mine on Stand 24 – Platform Projects 15-18th May Faliro Pavillion, Athens, Greece. Cat Found, Pencil on paper, A5, 2014 will be for sale on the stand along with work from these artists; Bonita Alice, Brandon Alvendia, Ralph Anderson, Rachel Ara, Akiko Ban, David J Batchelor, Richard Bateman, Michael Boffey, Juan Bolivar, Vivienne Boucherat, Jane Boyer, Joanna Brinton, Samuel Capps, Thomas C. Chung, Carlos Correia, Cecilia Costa, Deb Covell, Amelia Critchlow, John Crossley, Amy Cunningham, Karen David, Bella Easton, Liz Elton, Holly Frean, Cadi Froehlich, Mikey Georgeson, Henk Gieskens, Alison Gill, Alison Goodyear, Maria G / All content © Kirsty Harris 2020

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