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BROADCAST Residency at Aldeburgh South Lookout Tower

September 2014 with xvi collective


Tuesday 9th until Saturday 13th of September 2014

Caro Halford, Sarah West, Jane Oldfield, Paul Stanley & Kirsty Harris from xvi collective took part in creating new work during the week spent at The South Lookout Tower, inviting other artists and performers, such as Julia Warr to get involved with performances throughout the day on Saturday 13th September.


I created four new pieces of work during the residency;

danger is an anagram of garden - Temporary cress piece grown in the shape of a lightening strike

Prohibited - Temporary cress piece grown in the shape of a prohibited sign

Plucked - A cyanotype of a feather found on the beach made with Aldeburgh sunshine

Danger - A cyanotype print using the stones from the beach to create the shape of a lightening strike


I also showed my audio piece in the the top of the tower, within an installation for the first time, with a red light shining.


With great thanks to our hosts Caroline Wiseman and Francis Carnwath.







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