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Available as part of @artistsupportpledge

Toned Cyanotype on stretched linen
10 x 8"

Edition of 25 at this size +5APS
P+P is £11 to the UK or £20 worldwide

Sanctuary is exposed using a negative from my oil painting of the same name. I originally painted this house from a freezeframe of a nuclear test that took place on the Nevada Proving Ground in 1955. Some of you may be familiar with this fascinating footage.
Please DM me if you'd like to buy one.



ARTIST SUPPORT PLEDGE supporting artists and makers.
The idea is a simple one, post images of your artwork on social media to sell for NO MORE (can be less than £220 ($220, €220, A$330, C$330, ¥22000) each, not including shipping. Anyone can then buy the work.
Every time you reach £1100 ($1100, A $1650, C $1650, ¥110,000) in sales, you pledge to buy another artist's work for £220.
So, make a pledge and share your artwork with the hashtag #artistsupportpledge. Keep up with the latest news and opportunities at artistsupportpledge and
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Sanctuary, Toned cyanotype on stretched linen 10x8"

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