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Buster Jangle-Easy  by Kirsty Harris

Digital print on tapestry backing material

51 x 61cm

Edition of 15 + 2xAPs



Printed from an image of my original oil painting, this print can simply be pinned on the wall - no framing required.


Buster Jangle-Easy was a nuclear test performed by the USA in the Nevada Desert in 1951. The size of this print is relative to the yield of the test with each square cm representing 10 tons of TNT, which in turn is how the energy released from the explosion is quantified.


About my artistic practice - I explore the notion of nuclear explosions as cultural, historical and iconic symbols. I reference the scale, beauty and the abhorrent nature of the mushroom clouds while also delving into the periphery of the subject and its surrounding evidence and equipment. I’m a multi disciplinary artist with work spanning a wide range of media including painting, printmaking, short films, audio compositions, ceramics, cyanotypes, wall drawings and installations.





Buster Jangle-Easy, Digital print on tapestry backing, Ed of 15 (small)


Signed and numbered certificate of authenticity supplied.


Care instructions - clean with a feather duster or gently with a soft, dry cloth.