Drowning Dogs

Drowning Dogs annotated interview I was asked to participate in the Drowning Dogs project which you can explore here. "Drowning Dogs is a collection of hand written interviews conducted with artists, designers and makers. The name was inspired by a Francisco Goya (c.1819-23) painting. The dog is one of Goya’s so called ‘Black Paintings’ worked directly onto the walls of his house just outside Madrid in the years after the artist had suffered the illness that left him completely deaf. “The Dog” is the starkest, sparsest, most timeless of these nightmarish visions; it shows the head of a dog struggling between the great volume of empty space above and it’s equivalent below, each a kind of dept

Psycho Salon at DKUK

Psycho Salon On 10th August 2013 Harris & Clarke performed for 8 hours in their first collaborative work at DKUK, Ancient and Modern Gallery, London. To see a gallery of pictures and videos from the day please click here. 'DANIEL KELLY WILL CUT YOUR HAIR, WE WILL HELP YOU THROUGH LIFE’S HARDSHIPS OFFERING ADVICE ON HOW TO MAKE IT ALL BETTER AND DEMONSTRATE IDEAS TO DRAMATICALLY ALTER YOUR APPEARANCE AND BRAIN FUNCTION FOR THAT FRESH NEW YOU (SOME MIGHT CALL IT A MAKEOVER)' INDEPENDENT TESTIMONIALS S. Jepps “I haven’t had one single depression or problem since visiting the psycho salon an hour ago, I can’t recommend you highly enough.” HARRIS & CLARKE WEBSITE DKUK WEBSITE ANCIENT AND MODERN W

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